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What Does Laser Hair Removal Consist Of

What does Laser Hair Removal consist of?

Many people wonder what exactly laser hair removal is. Laser hair removal is classified as a procedure that involves just that, removing unwanted hair in a non-surgical procedure with a laser. The laser is a strong beam of light that pulsates in order to remove hair that is no longer desired. During this process known as, laser hair removal, the beam will pass through the layers of skin to each individual hair follicle, this helps eliminate anogen hair follicles and slow future growth.

Laser hair removal has been proven to be an effective strategy for those with dark colored hair and is safe and effective on all skin colors. Since laser hair removal will effectively eliminate and slow the growth of the hair that has been treated, it is important to understand that it not a one-off treatment. An effective hair removal strategy will contain multiple laser treatments to begin a longer hair-free period; this will then be followed by periodic maintenance, as desired.

Where are the common treatment areas on the body for laser hair removal

Where are the common treatment areas on the body?

Laser hair removal is an effective hair removal method chosen by men and women to reduce the growth of hair that is no longer wanted in a specific area or areas of the body. The most commonly treated areas on the body include the bikini line, chin, legs, upper lip, underarms and back and shoulders for men. In most cases it is possible to treat hair that is no longer wanted, in virtually any area on the body, except the area surrounding the eyelid or the eyelid itself, directly up the nose or directly in the ear.  You can however treat around the ear and around the nasal opening.
Who are the best candidates for laser hair removal?

What hair color and skin types are the best candidates for Laser Hair Removal?

While results can vary from person to person, skin type and hair color do influence the overall success of a treatment. Hair removal with a laser has been seen to be most effective for those who have dark hair and a light skin tone. The reason for this is that the pigment within the hair is targeted during treatment by the laser beam. The great news is that recent advances in technology have made hair removal with laser treatments increasingly a great option for those who also have skin tones that are darker.

Laser hair removal will not be effective for those with red, gray, blonde, or white hair.  A quick consultation with a hair removal expert will answer any questions about options for removing unwanted hair in more detail.

Risks of Laser Hair Removal

What are the risks of a laser hair removal treatment?

While a treatment does not guarantee permanent removal of hair, it is an effective approach to hair management. During this process it is possible that some hair could be resistant to the laser treatment or grow again after treatment. However, the new hair may grow back and be lighter in color or finer than previous hair growth. The procedure is very safe and has minimal side effects.
The most common side effects that are involved with a laser hair removal treatment are temporary discomfort from skin irritation during treatment. However, most treatments are relatively painless.

How do I prepare for a Laser Hair Removal Treatment

How do I prepare for a laser hair removal treatment?

If you are interested in pursuing a laser hair removal treatment, it is important to work with a facility that has extensive experience with laser hair removal as well as a trusted staff. Although there are many providers, laser hair removal is an intricate process that requires a trained professional to do it properly to experience great results.

Before a laser hair removal treatment, schedule a consultation and ask about the expectations from treatment as well as the potential risks and benefits. It is also important to take before and after photos of yourself to help properly gauge the treatment and determine if you are satisfied.
It is important to stay out of the sun during the time leading up to your treatment. A tan will increase the risk of side effects during treatment; one of the side effects of a tan is skin burning which leads to pigmentation issues. If you do have a tan from sunless tanning products or sun exposure, it is imperative to wait until the tan is completely faded before proceeding with laser hair removal. Most technicians will advise staying out of the sun for up to 2 weeks before and after a treatment, but it is most important to remember that you must not have any residual color on the skin that is not your natural tone.

Avoid other common hair removal methods such as waxing, electrolysis and tweezing. These methods will interfere with the treatment, since they can interfere with the hair follicle. The only thing you can do prior to a treatment is shave, so that the laser will not target hair above the skin, which could potentially cause burns.
What Can I expect

What can I expect during the treatment?

Before beginning the treatment, the hair within the treatment area must be shaved at skin surface with a razor, you will also be given special goggles to protect your eyes from exposure to the laser beam. To help reduce any potential discomfort you may feel, you may get a topical anesthetic over the counter or prescribed by your doctor to apply to the treatment area 30-60 minutes prior to a treatment.

The laser is hand-held and it will be pressed against your skin during treatment, once it is activated it targets where hair growth originates by passing through skin layers to the tiny follicles.  By disabling the hair follicles with the intense heat from the beam, it will ultimately inhibit hair growth. While some discomfort is possible, it can be minimized by a topical anesthetic.  During treatment you may also experience a cold sensation from the cooling gel or a cooling spray from the device.
What happens after my laser hair removal treatment

What happens after the treatment?

After the treatment, if you notice any redness or swelling, just apply aloe or a cool cloth to the area. It should subside within a few hours. The treatment area may also feel warm and tingle slightly like a mild sunburn. This also will subside within a few hours.

After the treatment, it is imperative to avoid sun exposure, which includes both tanning beds and natural sunlight. When your skin has healed from the treatment, use sunscreen whenever you are in the sun for an added layer of protection. It is possible that after treatment you will notice hair shedding in the first few days or weeks after treatment. Often times this can be mistaken for hair regrowth.  Then you will experience a period of no hair growth for 2-4 weeks after the shedding process.  Usually 6-8 weeks after a treatment you will notice hairs beginning to grow that may be finer in texture and slightly lighter in color.  This growth are hairs that were not in the correct stage for the laser to kill the follicle, but the laser stunted the follicle growth.

Where can I find the best place to go for laser hair removal in Indiana?

The best place to go for laser hair removal in Indiana is a facility that has extensive experience in laser hair removal and a trained knowledgeable staff. You want to be cautious of any facility with a high employee turnover rate. It is always important to ensure that the company is a member of the BBB as well as checking online customer reviews for how they treat their clients. It is imperative to know what type of laser is being used, because that will determine your overall results.

You also want to be wary of any place that offers a life-time or long-term guarantees. These guarantees usually are misleading and actually contain extra charges in the fine print. It is important to understand that laser hair removal is permanent reduction and not permanent 100% removal for life, so a life time or long term guarantee is completely unnecessary because every one will need a touch-up or maintenance treatment at some point. If any facility asks you to sign a contract that is a red flag, because you should never have to sign one for a laser hair removal treatment. Make sure that the facility requires an initial consultation to get an overview of your medical history, hair color, sun exposure and to make sure you are a candidate as well as to go over expectations and protocols. Always avoid fly-by night deals where the prices are not published or available for you to see and gauge the actual discount.

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